You will need: a standard pack of playing cards or you can use our card simulator below instead.

A fun group game with many variations. For this game, you will need a set of handcuffs for each couple. The handcuffs need to be unique - meaning that they can only be unlocked with the key supplied when purchased. If these cannot be obtained, you can use chains and padlocks/combination locks.

The game starts with all the men restrained and the keys or combinations (written down) are then placed into a bowl.

One by one, the women draw cards from a well shuffled deck of cards (or using the pack below). For every picture card drawn, the player puts on a blindfold and picks a random key or combination from the bowl. They must then guess which lock this key matches. Once guessed correctly, the woman is then free to perform any act on the man or have the man perform any act on her.

You can mix this game up by reversing the roles of women and men, adding additional/dummy keys or by adding a forfeit for every incorrect guess (for example, remove an item of clothing).

52 card(s) remaining

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