52 card strip

You will need: a standard pack of playing cards or you can use our card simulator below instead.

To begin the game, remove the jokers, shuffle the cards well and place all 52 cards in a single pile facing downwards (so that nobody can see the card on top). Then one by one, each player draws a card from the top of the pile. If you're playing as a group, each player in turn draws a card going clockwise, starting with the person on the immediate left of the person who shuffled the cards.

If the card is a picture card (Jack, Queen or King), the player must remove an item of clothing.

If the card is an ace, the player must do a dare or a task (for example, a kiss, a dance or a sexual act on another player)

Any other card (2 - 10) and the play resumes to the next player.

52 card(s) remaining

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